Madre Encina | Emma Louise Pratt

Madre Encina

  • Size and media: ink and acrylic on canvas, stretched and signed
  • 81cm x 100cm approx
  • 2015
  • Storage: Cambridge, United Kingdom
  • SOLD


madre encina/mother encina parauta spain emma louise pratt

Title: “Madre Encina”

  • Size and media: ink and acrylic on canvas, stretched and signed, 81cm x 100cm approx. 2015
  • Storage: Cambridge, United Kingdom

Parauta is a village in the hills between the town of Ronda and the sea that we have visited a lot over the years. Each summer when we lived in Spain, we would go and spend a week there catching up with our village friends and escaping the heat of Seville.  At the top of the village, towering above the house of my friend Lucy, is an old encina. It’s unusually large. In these dry looking hills, where Romans planted the first chestnut groves that cover the hills today, water is the life force running under the ground in the busy underworld fo the mountains.

This video is a little diary of one summer there  – making art, wandering, swimming, exploring the wells, in the buzzing heat of August.

A Water Story: Video Diary Parauta, Andalusia, Spain July 2015: La Encina Vallecillo, Mother Encina. from Emma Louise Pratt on Vimeo.



Additional information

Dimensions 1.5 × 81 × 100 cm

Work on Canvas




Blue Tones





Price Range

£500 – £1500

Storage Location

Cambridge, UK