The Anhinga in the Museum of Zoology – Emma Louise Pratt

The Anhinga in the Museum of Zoology


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A pack of 10 beautiful greeting cards with envelopes.


When I started this painting, I didn’t know what it would be. Slowly the mass of leaves and foliage and colours revealed a wild wetland place of my imagination. But this world was missing something.


One day, I was in the Museum of Zoology in Cambridge, UK. I like to go there to the café sometimes to write and draw. The café was closed, so I went downstairs to see the collections and I saw among the stuffed and preserved animals this Anhinga. It was so beautiful, and I felt sad for it as it sat there in the glass case. 


I thought, I see a space for you in my wild wetland place. My painting looks like it was made especially for you. 


Now it rests here in the golden light. It watches the waters, about to fly off and catch some supper.


Emma, February 2024

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