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Koekoeā Studio

New Iterations

I have always, always, always told stories. When I look back over the almost 30 years of my life that I have put images out into the world through exhibitions in galleries, they have always been supported by research, writing, and a story to tell.

Writing a graphic novel has been on my mind for seven of these years. The last two years finally gave me a story, the research, the determination, and the circumstances to start writing (and drawing). I love the process and challenge of combining word and image, honing writing skills, and learning the art of weaving a good story!

Jamie on the Island Digital Print by Emma Louise Pratt 2022
Jamie on the Island. Digital Print

Koekoeā Studio

Koekoeā Studio is the graphic and digital branch of what I do. I still draw and paint and this practice informs my work here where I am focused on graphic work and visual storytelling through the graphic novel and video formats.

The koekoeā is the long-tailed shining cuckoo from Aotearoa New Zealand. They are a significant bird for our family and I have always identified with its “outsider” status. Not often seen, and seen as a foreigner, its unique “outsider” position, which isn’t always a comfortable one, affords it the chance to learn and bring knowledge wherever it goes.

The bi-product of story-telling in this format is the digital and ink work that I am creating. Digital prints can be purchased from me in the store.

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