Manu Fly to the Sea – Emma Louise Pratt

Manu Fly to the Sea

Manu Fly to the Sea


“I helped a group of people put a loved one into the ground today. In this country.

Now, there is someone I know under the earth here, on a rise that looks out over the soft chalk folds that count as hills. One day, trees will stand above and around him and their roots will push through the very earth that he will become…”

Can North and South hold each other? Can earth and sky touch? A meditation on loving someone you will never see again, and whose laughter now exists only in your memories.

My new graphic work, Manu Fly to the Sea is a personal story of rootlessness, identity, home, love and loss. I am dropping episodes as a webcomic, which allows me the chance to share, iterate and explore themes as they develop. Long term, it will become a book.

This new work will be the base of an exhibition/workshop in July 2024.

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February 5, 2024