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Workshops 2024-2025

Emma Louise Pratt, Koekoeā Studio:

Workshops in Graphic Novel, Zine and Storytelling for all ages and stages.

Koekoeā Studio Online Learning

Dip into some of my free courses for teachers who want to use drawing as an activator in the classroom.

Coming soon: Storytelling through Graphic Novel, Zine & Comic

My Life in Comics: Adventures in Storytelling

Welcome to the magical realm of storytelling, where zines, comics, and graphic novels become canvases for your imagination! We invite you to leap into a world where your stories come to life through a dance of words and art.

Picture this:

Your ideas transform into hand-drawn wonders, blending the magic of illustrations with the power of creative writing. As we journey together, we’ll explore experts’ work, playful writing and drawing activities, and turning your unique ideas into story sequences.

Characters will become your trusty companions on this adventure! We’ll dive into the secrets of character creation, exploring their personalities, backstories, and motivations – from quirky details that make them unforgettable to the sometimes complex feelings that guide their every move.

But hold on, this isn’t just about technical skills – it’s a journey of self-discovery, a celebration of what makes you, you! Together, we’ll navigate the creative process, from dreaming up ideas to completing your masterpieces. By the end of our adventure, you won’t just have a collection of zines; you’ll carry a newfound confidence, ready to share your incredible stories with the world. 🚀🎨✨

  • Ages 8+
  • £22.50 per 60 min session
  • Materials provided

Cambridge Open Studios 2024: Graphic Storytelling – Creating Magical Characters

Exhibition/walk-in workshop over two weekends

  • Where: Cambridge Artworks, 5 Green’s Rd, Cambridge, CB4 3EF
  • Dates: 06 – 07 | 13 – 14 July 2024

How do we create character, the heart of visual storytelling? Find out about the world of a new graphic work in progress.

On show: Paintings and working drawings, scrap books, working pages, mood boards – see the process at work, sit and draw, explore, ask questions.

To buy: Paintings, drawings, prints

Cambridge Open Studios will run over the following dates in 2024: 06 – 07 | 13 – 14 | 20 – 21 | 27 – 28 July

Evening Course September 2024: Storytelling through Graphic Novel, Zine & Comic

For Beginners this course, starting in September 2024, explores the skills and craft of writing and drawing for graphic novels, zines and comics.

In the realm of self-expression, zines, comics and graphic novels stand as powerful, intimate canvases where words and art intertwine to tell unique and personal stories. Whether you’re a seasoned creator or a complete beginner, this course invites you to dive into this vibrant world, where your imagination takes centre stage, and the medium gives you an opportunity to express the personal stories you carry within.

Not entirely sure what this is about? Look out for taster days! Ages 17+

Course Content and Aims

  1. Foundational Character Development Skills:
    • Acquire basic skills to create simple yet expressive autobiographical characters, gaining an understanding of character roles within personal stories.
  1. Introduction to Autobiographical Storytelling:
    • A grasp of autobiographical storytelling, learning basic story structure, pacing, and the integration of visual and textual elements to create a coherent narrative.
  1. Basic Drawing Techniques:
    • An understanding of drawing techniques for comics and graphic storytelling.
  1. Introductory Zine-Making:
    • Introductory skills in creating autobiographical zines, including basic layout design, resulting in a introductory-level project that effectively communicates personal stories in a simple and accessible format.


None…or some… you develop from your own individual starting point.

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