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More than any other year since I left Aotearoa New Zealand, this year of 2020, for reasons that don’t need to be named, I have found myself travelling in my daydreams to the coastal places and deep waters of home.

This has been my escape, my mental, spiritual salve. We all seek them. I wander in my mind and find myself flying over the Pacific or submerged under waves, making ripples, remembering blessings and warnings, stories and moments when the natural world told me I was not alone but instead an interconnected piece of an expanding, living universe.


2020 Residency

I began the year working on a Migration Stories Project with our local community in Trumpington, Cambridge, UK. I was gathering stories about our travels and movement focused on a group of parents who met on Wednesdays at a community playgroup. This audio-visual piece was made to reflect one story. The project is currently on hold as we are unable to meet.